3G/4G to Wifi gateway advice

Currently we use the Novatel - Verizon Jetpack MiFi 5510L 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot to set up wifi networks for the IMPs at customers. Sometimes the connection between IMP and our server fails and I would like to check what is going on in the mobile hotspot. That is currently not possible with the Verizon Jetpack. Do you have advice for an affordable mobile hotspot that can be remotely monitored/controlled?

We have the same issue, but with DataJack, a reseller of Sprint data services. I called Sprint directly and the rep informed me that we can view service information for their MiFi devices–up to the most recent 15 minutes-- via their web portal. They also appear to offer attractive pricing for data plans appropriate for low bandwidth M2M.

With all this said, I have no way to confirm their claims. We might give them a try when our next need arises.

FWIW, we previously used TruConnect–what a train wreck! My perception is that resellers such as TruConnect and DataJack get a lower priority when the carrier’s traffic gets high for that particular cell tower. Again, just a perception.

The Cradlepoint stuff is good but expensive. I’m not sure if it offers tunneled access though, as many networks these days are behind CNAT. If you’re not behind NAT it definitely has externally accessible management consoles though.