2FA for ImpCentral

Are you planning on adding 2FA to ImpCentral? I know you guys are hot on security :slight_smile:

Hi jdelaune,

Thanks for the feature request. We have been looking into it and would love to hear your use cases. What protocols would you like to see us using? What are the authentication methods you’d like us to consider?


I would like to see 2FA implemented similar to Github with support for at least Google (and Lastpass) Authenticator apps

We would also like to see further authentication options to restrict access to ImpCentral.

We’re planning on releasing TOTP support to production impCentral soon.

We’ve already enabled the feature on our beta site (turn it on through the “My Account > Profile > Multi-factor Authentication” page). If you turn it on for the beta site, it will also be required for your login on the production site.

We currently only enforce MFA for your own login, but will be adding an optional “Require collaborators to enable MFA to access my account” setting before the production release, and will be adding an optional “Require MFA to deploy production code” setting after that.

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