2 imps with the same device nr

Hello i have 3 imps, 2 of them appear as the same device.
So i cannot use one of the two because both assume the same code as they are “appear” to be detected as the same device.

How can i reset that?

Those Imp have been loaded with the same “Model”, which is a set of code. If you click the gear beside the device id, you can change the model assigned to the device or create a new one by typing a new name. If you click the gear beside the name of the model, you can change the name of the model. Any number of Imps can be assigned to the same model (code), but remember if you change the model on one Imp, you change the model for all Imps running that model.

I see, but i think the problem is that im using the 2 imps at a time in the same breakout board. if i use in another breakout i dont have that problem.

Your breakout board is the device that’s associated with a model, whichever imp is used.

If you want to reuse the same breakout board for different projects, you’ll need to change the model in the IDE as @jwehr describes. You can use the same imp; it will fetch and run the appropriate code.

As phil says, imps do not appear in the IDE - devices do.

eg If you only had two devices and 100 imps, you’ll only see two entries in the IDE, and any imp blinked up on your account will run the software associated with whatever device it was plugged into.

This allows you to swap imps from project to project and always have them do the right thing.