2 Imps in One Room

I have my first Imp powered up working awesomely recording my boiler room temps. I boldly decided to open the package on my second imp and power it up. I promptly did the blink-up and found a new device in my IDE. I downloaded a different (not boiler room) program to the new imp. My first Imp promptly quit sending it’s data to xively. so I power things down, reprogrammed the first one and it seem the device side of things were working but not the agent. I let it go all night and 3 hours later, it started sending data to xively again on it’s own. Is there a limit to only having 1 developer Imp running per user? Thanks.

There does seem to be a bit of weirdness like this reported recently.

I’m due to take delivery of my second Imp today, so I’ll be able to test this too!

I have three Imps running in close proximity without issue. None of them are using Xively though.

May have been a coincidental outage on the Agent side of things last night. Another post was talking about this…