1-Wire DS1820 hookup - proper schematic, not the connection board

Could some one just give a simple schematic on how to connect 1-wire Dallas DS1820 thermometer to Electric Imp?
I do not understand this connection board thing at all, it’s really not clear and confusing. Simple schematics will do.
Thank you.

Refering to https://electricimp.com/docs/resources/onewire/

Something like this?

Thank you! Finally!! This I can understand!!! :slight_smile:

Just to clearify:

Tx & RX to UART means pins … 1 and 2 on the IMP (sample code refers to these)
Ground is the pin GND and 3v3 is the pin 3V3 on the IMP board?

Is the DS18B20 flat surface up on the image?


thank you! This worked!! :slight_smile: