1.44" TFT library request


Does anyone have code to drive a small 1.44" TFT display.

I’ve done a bit of research and I see there are two open source driver options available for other uC’s:
ILI9163C - typically find these on eBay, and
ST7735R - found on Adafruit for example.

I found a standalone library for the ILI9163C which I quite like, but the files are quite overloaded as trying to accommodate a range of different microcontrollers: https://github.com/sumotoy/TFT_ILI9163C/tree/Pre-Release-1.0p7

Then there is Adafruit’s library (https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit-ST7735-Library) which then also requires the adafruit_GFX library.

The ILI library claims to use high speed SPI. Not sure what options we have available for IMP. It would be great if Electric Imp could create a library as will take me quite a considerable amount of time figuring things out. Is this doable.


There’s a basic driver for the ST7735 here: https://www.electricimp.com/docs/hardware/resources/reference-designs/tasha/

…but this is just to bring the display up. Rendering stuff is your problem, still.


Thanks @hugo. This will get me going. I note that the electric imp github repository is a little confusing as had searched initially via libraries or main repo name and nothing came up. I see you have a wealth of stuff under reference/hardware, which is great. Maybe worth considering some housekeeping at some stage.