Squirrel comparison error


If I define variables like this in the beginning of my script (globals):

fcr <- 0;
hl <-11;

And then within a function I do this:

if(hl >= fcr){
// do something

I get a comparison error:

ERROR: comparison between ‘11’ and ‘0’

Is there some way to do a comparison between global variables?
They are both integers (not float).

If I do this ‘local’ within a function, it works without error.


Seems to work fine for me? Can you post the smallest example that shows this for you?


One way you might have got this error, is if fcr has in the meantime somehow been changed from an integer 0 into a string "0":

fcr <- 0;
hl <-11;

function foo() {
    if (hl >= fcr) {
         // do something

fcr = "0";




Thanks … that’s what it was. String variable brought in by the function. I thought it was an integer.