Small example of how to post to Twitter


Recently the IFTTT folks re-enabled Twitter support, apparently having worked through the API cap issue. I hope that Electric Imp can come to a similar agreement / workaround with Twitter, re-enabling easier tweet posting support without using third-party services.

Alternately, if there were a way for a user to input their consumer API key into a twitter node in the planner, this would go a long way toward making Imp -> Twitter easier for your users.


Any idea why the “tweet it” app got stucked at loading settings??


Is it possible to post facebook updates on my own profile using agents? If yes, can someone help me with the code? I couldn’t find any documentation for that.



Say more about your error. The following may not help, but…

My experience after running a tweeting cat door for about a year is that the Imp is almost never the weak link; I think I had to reboot it only once or twice. :slight_smile: does goes down from time to time. Before you spend debug effort check their demo feed at and make sure the twitter stream is updating every minute or so.

Hope that helps some.



I have not tried this, but and their FaceBook agent may provide some ideas.

Good luck!