Release 27.9

I have 2 imp001 that are not yet @ this release level yet, how can i force the update?


You can’t, but I believe that Hugo has offered to do it if you send him your device ID’s.

Release 27.10 is about to roll out today; this a couple of small fixes:

  • blob’s can be bindenv’ed
  • server load balancing fix

…apart from that, it’s identical to 27.9. Apologies for any additional inconvenience from the update, we’ve further improved the automated testing :slight_smile:

Hi, trying to run code without wifi. It starts ok after 10 seconds.
Unfortunately it stops code execution after 1 minute and will only continue execution when wifi is available again during one of the 1min cycles (9 minutes apart)
Is this expected?
Running version 27.10 and replicated it with the ‘Hello world’ example

Yes, it is expected. The device and the agent expect to talk to each other at regularly scheduled intervals, and if you want to change those intervals, you should program it accordingly. There are a number of functions to do so in the documentation… much of which is here:

@kellerza sounds like you are using functions which communicate with the server (server.log, agent.send, etc), and these are then blocking your code until the connection happens.

In the simplest case, you can just set your policy to RETURN_ON_ERROR then these functions will just error out if you call them when not connected - obviously, you won’t see these errors are the device isn’t online.