Oven with web app for control and temperature charts

I’ve been wanting to add an Imped power metering monitor to my breaker box. Any current measuring chips or breakouts that you recommend? I really want to see what my hot tub and heat pump are drawing.

Analog devices ADE7769 is nice because it does not require a crystal, simply puts out a pulse frequency corresponding to active power (what you pay for). I have built a few meters based on this and regularly use one of them with the imp.

Analog devices ADE7953 is the same as the Becky reference design and is really nice. It is more complicated to set up but it is what I will use going forward because I will use many of the features it has such as peak detect and the ability to get RMS current as well as power and also I can capture the V and I waveforms to have a look at the power quality. ADE7953 is really hard to solder. I tried two boards so far, one worked and the other one did not…yet.

Thanks for the update would be ok to use your code and maybe put it in class for others to use?

yes! … I guess you are referring to the TempoDB stuff? I read somewhere that if you are only going to create one object from a class then it is better to use a Table. I don’t know quite enough about the language and the OS to determine exactly why.

Maybe there would be an object created for each unique series?

in any case, it would be great if you can take the code and improve it.

For energy monitoring I’ve used these current transformers they give 0-10v analog Accuracy: <2% of nominal primary current. 100amp $60 from digi-key


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