Mac users! ‘Squinter’ utility for managing device, agent code and libraries


Excellent - thanks!

More detail on the upload issue - the icon is greyed out for some projects for me, but the upload menu, and cmd-U still works.


@Gatchers, can you check that the project whose Upload button is greyed out is not linked to a model. if the project is not linked to a model (use ‘Link Project’ in the Project menu), you shouldn’t be able to upload code (without a model link, Squinter doesn’t know which one you want to upload to - it doesn’t assume it’s the currently selected model).


Hi @smittytone !

Thanks for your help!

If I haven’t selected a model using Models->Current Models (and selected a model), and linked to the model with ‘Link Project’, ‘Upload Project…’ in the project menu is greyed out. If I compile again, it is still greyed out (as expected).

Once a link with a model, “Upload Project…” is still greyed out, but when I compile again, “Upload Project…” is available, and I can select this, or use cmd-U.

The cloud icon remains greyed out the entire time.

So for me, it just seems that the icon behaviour is a little bit odd.


Thanks for that - that helps me narrow down where the bug is located. Watch out for an update an a couple of days’ time.


Hi @smittytone !

The new version you released today works like a charm!