#include custom libraries

I’ve got a number of libraries I have written over the years for PIC and mbed that I would like to port over to Electric Imp as they are quite useful. Is it possible to #include custom libraries once rewritten in Squirrel or do all the functions and prototypes have to exist in the main device file?

They currently need to exist in either the agent or device code file. If you are willing to share, posting to Github or similar is very much appreciated!

Ok, that’s a shame - are there plans to allow for including code in external libs? Otherwise I can see the device file getting pretty big.

Happy to share although I doubt they are revolutionary - oneWire library, ds18b20, SPI microchip eeprom, nrf24l01 - that kind of thing

I believe it is in the works, but not yet available. I guarantee that everything you share will be used.

if you start translating nrf24l01 stuff, you might be interested in the project from @stanseow: