Graph many lines in PLOT.LY

Yes that is true for Thingspeak (and most other systems I have tried) that they only display one data stream per chart. So you are right to want to use as you can have multiple data streams on one chart.

Sorry everyone, we reached out to Plotly but are still waiting for them to respond…

I got a message from Plotly today letting us know they’ve resolved the issues we were seeing. I did a bit of testing this morning to confirm, and things are looking good / back to normal!

If you were previously having issues with Plotly, the fix they deployed should resolve the issues you were seeing (though it won’t repair old graphs).

This is great news. I was beginning to think it was broken permanently and I was missing my Plotly chart. Good work everyone.

Very good, Plotly is working again! Anyone knows how many data points could be send until a new grid is created? What happens with the graph?

Mhhhh the plotly plugin seems to be broken since September? My program stops sending data to plotly without any error…

Tried asking plotly? The issue was on their end before (ie not the library) so it may be on their side again…

anybody with same problems?

Ah I found the problem. My fault … I didnt add 1 to date.month (0-11). And I thought the plotly API changed in september ^^ I only pay attention to the timestamp in plotly

getPlotlyTimestamp() is faulty because if I do this getPlotlyTimestamp(time()) I get the date but with wrong month (September). So I have to use my own convert function like this:

`// returns time string, +7200 is for +1 GMT (Berlin)
// use 3600 and multiply by the hours +/- GMT.
// e.g for +5 GMT local date = date(time()+18000, "u");
function getTime()
    local now = date(time()+7200);
    local sec = now.sec;
    local min = now.min;
    local hour = now.hour;
    local day =;
    local month = now.month+1;
    local year = now.year;
    if (now.hour > 23)
        now.hour = 0;;
    return year+"-"+month+"-"+day+" "+hour+":"+min+":"+sec;