Xively simple demo

I am trying to test a simple connection to xively using the example on xively website. I am reading this from the instructions “You will notice that the Electric Imp IDE has 3 collapsible windows: Agent, Device, and Logs.” and I do not have those tabs on my ide. I have “planner impees code documentation forums” If I copy the example code to the planner blue box, I get this error:

“ERROR: the index ‘http’ does not exist”

Are you signed up for beta? You need to be in the beta program for the agent tab to show up on the ide.

The reason for the error is because your trying to use agent functions on the imp. Http.onrequest for example is only available to agents.

How do I do that? I don’t find any options in my acccount.

send beardedinventor a PM with te MAC addresses of your imps

It is done… Thanks. I just had to press the SIMPLE button and viola, it was done. Back to monitoring freezer temps…