X-ray of the IMP003

This is no question. I just wanted to share an x-ray of the IMP003

I think I see Hugo’s face in there.

Who’s x-ray’ing chips? Staying one step ahead of the hackers?

That’s cute, though all you can really see is the module’s internal PCB. That regular array of dots on the left must be where the STM32F405 is attached, but those are just the solder blobs you can see – there’s no sign of the die itself.


Yep, it’s quite packed in there!

Here’s an imp001 x-ray from the first EVT build; you can see the solder shorts on both the wifi chip (left) and STM32 (right) due to a laser-cut stencil that wasn’t accurate enough.

The 6-wire star thing on the bottom left is the RF switch chip, feeding to the RF test connector on the right. The 3 things with 2 or 4 blobs in the corners are the crystals.

At the very bottom you can see the LED and phototransitors, which are vertically mounted so the bond wires are clearly visible :slight_smile:

I found a another picture of IMP003 internal and put it next to the X-ray.