Would like it if IDE worked with iPad

One of the best things about this programming model is that I can leave the hardware at home and live while I am on the road and I can still program it.

However, I no longer use a laptop since tablets came out. The IDE doesn’t really work with my iPad because:

  1. the text sizes really too large making the programming windows really too small to be useful
  2. the window I want to work in scrolls left and right, but not up and down

It’s possible I am doing something wrong, but if this is the way it is, then it’s impossible to program from an iPad

Sound like the IDE needs a responsive design version for pads/size of browser window and voila?

We’re doing more work on the IDE, but getting it working usefully on an iPad may be a slightly tall order; there’s not a lot of screen space.

Small things like ensuring the window can be scrolled should be do-able though. I’ll enter a task.

An API for code editing (e.g. agent/device code + device/module settings) would allow us to help with the overall solutions lifecycle! :sunglasses: