Wiring up a simple LED platform

I’ve been working on a project to connect Twilio and electric imp, and my log is showing my messages being received, but my board has not been responding and I need some basic assistance.

I wired this up based on the hookup guide, but I’m not seeing any response despite the flashing green led indicating that I did get on my network.

Any & all help would be appreciated – thanks!


Could you post your code so we could take a look at it? If you have an iOS device, and are looking for an easy way to control things, take a look at my app Pitchfork.

Try the Hello World tutorial. Does the LED blink? It wasn’t clear to me from your post if you had already done this.

I went directly to the RGB example, which also has a basic red LED, but I guess I need to step back and do one LED at a time.

Re iOS, no; it’s device-agnostic. I’m looking to do a Twilio integration using SMS ultimately, but the hardware layer is the first hurdle.

Here’s some fancy agent + device code we’ve written for controlling an RGB LED from a web endpoint - it should be a good starting point.


Are you pushing the right button?
Your editor needs to be on a device to have the “Build and run” button.
Took me a few minutes to figure out the first time :">