Wireless Imp jukebox control?

Basically I want to create a web page where people can fill out a form and attach a Spotify playlist URL to a name, and submit that to a database. Then, using an Imp I’d want to get that list of playlists, have a user cycle through the list with buttons and an LCD connected to an Imp, and then press a button to select said list item — that data would be emailed/tweeted to a Raspberry Pi, which would handle Spotify playback (through Despotify).

I’ve done something like this on a much simpler level with a Arduino sending keyboard commands to Spotify directly to a PC via USB — but is this something that’s currently within the range of what the Electric Imp + April can do via REST? Seems simple enough, but I wanted to see if this seemed reasonable to someone else with some more familiarity with the Imp specifically, or if there are any flaws in my logic. I’m familiar with web development, but still pretty green when it comes to hardware integration (though, man it’s fun!).