Wind speed sensor

Anyone have experience with an inexpensive wind speed sensor that can easily be interfaced with an imp? I’d be hoping for some measurement of velocity, not simply the fact that wind is blowing (analog vs digital).

The digital ones give a pulse per revolution usually - the faster the pulses come, the faster the wind is blowing.

I would say it’s just a windmill with a magnetic reed switch. The time between pulses is the speed. There are specifications to the actual design, and that means it has to be calibrated so you get an accurate reading.

One of many that I’ve seen:

The other option is the DC generator, but I think the magnetic sensor is better.

Would you then use pin 1 as a pulse counter to accurately count the number of pulses in a specified period to determine RPMs?

I have already been through this, and is working on testing the code with the hardware.

Read more about it there :slight_smile: