Wifi less operation, which release planned?


we just designed an evaluation board where the SD card connector is made dual-use that is can be used for IMP. It would be very nice if it would be possible tho ship the complete system with imp, that does AT LEAST something before getting wifi connection. But as much as I can see the promised option to run code with no wifi connection is not yet available in last release?

Any date when it is expected?

We’re expecting the offline mode to be released before the end of the year, possibly sooner, though expected behavior is that it needs to connect on a cold boot (it’ll just deal with the cloud going away after that point, or not being there on a warm boot).

Sounds like that might be a problem for your application?

cant it check if the ID chip is the same as ‘last time’ and boot using the cached code?
(im assuming a warm boot is a reset without losing power)

Yes, we do that already. We’ve worked out a way to make this work for cold boots too, it’ll run the cached code but also reconnect if possible.