WiFi Issues

I was able to successfully BlinkUp the imp once.

Now whenever I power the imp up, it blinks red slow for about a minute, and then all LEDs turn off. I cannot see the device in the planner.

It does not appear to respond to any additional BlinkUp attempts.

I am stuck… What might my issue be?


Blinking red for a minute then turning off (for 9 minutes) is normal behavior if it can’t get on wifi.

Did you definitely get it appearing in the planner last time? Any changes to the wireless environment since it last worked?

If you’ve changed the wireless settings and done a re-blinkup, was the blinkup successful? If it was, just as the phone stops blinking, you will see a brief green blink from the imp. If you only see red or nothing from the imp, it didn’t work. If you’re using an android device, let me know and I’ll send you the half-speed version which is much more repeatable on pre 4.1 devices.