WIFI error?

I am doing some testing and I get a WIFI error once in a while. When this happens the IMP seems to reset itself.
Any idea why?
Anything I can do ?

Try it on someone else’s WiFi and see what happens. It could be a wireless router issue. If it drops out the same on other routers, let us know. I’ve seen some other posts about this issue. If the imp is the culprit, maybe you’ll need to do a “ping” every so often to let the router know Impee is still there.

There is very frequent data exchange. I would say every 30 seconds so I doubt it is inactivity.

Wifi error means the broadcom wifi chip has crashed, and we reboot to restore functionality. We’ll be making this more invisible in a future release - and hopefully broadcom will also fix the bug.

So, you guys have a way to update the firmware for the broadcom wifi chip ?
Hopefully this will be resolved soon.
Any ETA on when this is fixed ?

Yes, we update the broadcom firmware regularly when there are new upstream releases.

Hoping to address this with the workaround in the next month or so, but as to when the broadcom issues will be fixed that’s more of an open question…