WiFi Direct Capability?

I am assuming the current WiFi does not include the WiFi direct capability between multiple imps or between an imp and another WiFi Direct capable device. Plans?

No plans for wifi direct, no. It needs access to the internet I’m afraid.

I was really hoping to see some sort of simple mesh network capability, where one or a few of the member imp’s could have internet access.
Talking it over with several of my colleagues, this was the very first wish on their wish-list, too.

Yes in some of these project use cases, I would like imps to communicate via WiFi without a direct internet connection once the firmware has been downloaded via WiFi to the imps. WiFi direct and/or legacy Ad-Hoc. I could even see WiFi direct via SoftAP on a smartphone that doesn’t use tethering.

As we’ve said before, no plans for any of these options. Infrastructure AP mode with internet connectivity only.

We are not intending to be a solution applicable to any problem; we have limited resources and are concentrating on what the majority of users need - which isn’t mesh mode (or FatFS support, for that matter). Sorry if this isn’t what you want to hear for your particular application.

I would like to see Wi-Fi Direct support too. In fact its the number one on my evaluation list. Sorry to hear that i am not part of the majority of users. :slight_smile:

Plus one.

if this is a vote :wink: i would also like to see wifi direct mode…Because i want to integrete the imp in my led lighting projects where there is no internet connection available. Otherwise i have to go for wifly, but it requires loads of programming etc.

As I noted above, no plans. WiFly (roving), or microchip or gainspan etc may be more suitable for your application.