WiFi connection

After trying to run my crafty project at multiple locations, it turned out that not all WiFi is created equal. How do I connect the Imp to the WiFi that got Network Name, User Name and a Password? Or a network WiFi that requires to sign in? or the WiFi that has WPA-2-enterprise security? Or a hot spot through phone? Note, that the phone with the Imp App is connected to all of these. But alas, the Imp and the project could not run at any of these… :frowning:

Can’t the app automatically get the WiFi details from the phone and pass them on to the Imp? It would make it even more amazing than it already is.


Some areas, like airports, businesses, resorts, use what is called “captive wifi”. They have a web page you visit where you log in. I don’t think the Imp can get around that … as far as I know it can’t.

mine connects to the phone hot spot just fine.

At work it connects to a hidden network that does not have a password but it does filter using mac addresses. after I green-light the mac address it connects to that.

As far as those other types, as member mlseim has stated, it cannot access a network that requires a browser log-in. I don’t know about WPA2-enterprise.

SSID/username/password is WPA enterprise, which the imp doesn’t support.

The imp also doesn’t support captive portals I’m afraid. There are standards to get round these (auto-login) but few portals actually support this, which is why (eg) phones will show you the webpage when you try to connect.

Both iOS and Android don’t allow apps to access stored wifi credentials, so you need to enter the password manually.