Wifi activity

I need to characterize battery life for my project so i need to know how the imp wifi communication works.

I know that it bursts 400mA when transmitting but when and how long/often does is do this? Does it do this on some schedule or protocol? Is it the same across all routers? My project turns on only to read and transmit sensor data so it will not be on continuously. When not transmitting with wifi on, the imp draws 90mA, correct?


There’s a spreadsheet I posted to another thread which allows you to work out battery life. The bursts are more like 250mA max (depends slightly on router, because the closer you are the more likely you are to be using 11g or 11n which are lower TX power and hence lower current).

When not transmitting with wifi on it’s around 90mA, depending on peripheral use. If you enable wifi powersave then that drops to 7-8mA.

It’s easy to write code to Deep Sleep and send data only after your interval. That means it uses less than 1ma. Trivial really. Especially if you don’t save any local variables. How often would you like?

hugo - i remember you mentioning that a while ago. you have a link?

sbright33 - i already have the code written and running. my april board only draws ~25uA during deep sleep. I just need to characterize battery life

Here’s a link to the thread. To help me find it again, here are some keywords :slight_smile:

excel battery sheet xlsx