Which photo transistor for imp002 with breakout board?

Which photo transistor should I use with the imp002 and the breakout board that is being sold?

Is the SFH300 from Osram fine?

If someone who has a working setup could post an answer, I’d appreciate it a lot.


What does the photo transistor detect? IR? Visible light?

I would have to say it doesn’t really matter. You can drive a pin high or low depending on how you hook it up … see this:

You may have to adjust resistor value. Another way would be to add a switching transistor for a fast rise-time (low-to-high or high-to-low). I mention this because I think the rise-time for a ‘raw’ phototransistor is dependent on the light striking it. It’s a curved rise-time instead of a fast ‘switched’ rise-time.

Here’s a circuit that uses a Schmitt Trigger to create crisp ‘edges’.

I would order the components straight from the Amber reference board design or the imp002 spec sheet.
Are you able to order from DigiKey? This is the through-hole version:

A part with very similar characteristics should work just fine for blink-up, along with a 100k ohm resistor.