Which board to get?

I’d like to get some boards for a friend to play with. It looks like there are 3 different boards @ spark fun. For someone who is new at this, which board do you recommended?

You need at least the Electric Imp (SD Card for factor known as an imp) and an impee which is a socket to plug it into. Sparkfun has their breakout which is an “April” board clone and then an Arduino Shield.

They are the same price so the choice is yours. The breakout accepts a wider range of voltages and has a usb mini port for power input (which requires the jumper pins to be populated or soldered) while the shield lets you connect to an arduino (requires pins soldered for power and pins 8 and 9)

This is the Electric imp that you are referring to right?
https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11395 right?

and what is this one supposed to do?

But what is an impee? I aplogize for such noob questions.

An impee is something that gets “imp’ed” :slight_smile:

…ie, it has a socket, power supply, and ID chip at a minimum. As the ID chip uniquely identifies each device, you associate software with the impee and whatever imp card you plug into it will always run the correct software.