Where to buy the Imp

Strangely, I can’t find the answer to this when I search.
Where can you purchase the Imp and Hannah Development Kit?
Or perhaps they are still not available for sale?

I’m in the U.S.  If there is a supplier, can you let me know?


We have been working through the developer registrations, inviting people to order a batch at a time through a private order page.

If you have not had an email, you are further down the list; sorry. We are almost out of our initial batch now. Later this month Sparkfun will be selling both imps and some impees they have made.


Thanks for that info.  I'll be looking at Sparkfun ... with awaiting anticipation.


Hi Hugo any news for us uk based folks ?
Uk distributors don’t seem to have anything but the basic breakout board…

For Hannah? Try Smartmaker?

erm, not obvious theres a UK outlet (I may be missing something :-)) import from US as best/only option I suppose ?

Smartmaker have a european presence I believe, which should help?

I have found the Imp and accessories available in the UK from these places: Cool Components, S K Pang Electronics and Proto-PIC Electronics.