Where can I buy a lala board?

I want to purchase rev. 3 of the lala board. Anyone know where I can get one?

I’ve considered making LaLa or something like it. I would probably make separate input and output boards.

Sound like a good option

@MakeDeck We’d be very interested in purchasing if you do. We don’t need separated boards though. Any immediate plans?

I could probably be convinced to build a few by hand vs doing a full run. It is a really interesting board. I’m getting ready to place a PCB order, so I’ll add a few Lala’s to it. How many are you interested in. Anyone else?


I had another request for a Sana… We have a lot invested in the P3V3 boards, and would probably be much more likely to make a “shield” version of the reference designs rather than a full board with an Imp. I don’t think that would make a lot of difference in how it was used, but it does make it much more reasonable for us to manufacture.