What's the power draw in shallow sleep?

Hi, What’s the power draw in shallow sleep? Is it the same as imp.setpowersave(true);

Apologies if it’s in the doco? I’ve looked and can’t find any specific for shallow sleep.

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We have system-tests that draw little graphs of these values, so I can just read them off for you (this is for imp001, but '002 and '003 aren’t much different):

Imp busy (tight loop), wifi off, blinkup off: 44mA
Shallow sleep, wifi off, blinkup off: 4mA
Shallow sleep, wifi on (powersave), blinkup off: 8mA
Shallow sleep, wifi off, blinkup on: 20mA
Shallow sleep, wifi on (no powersave), blinkup off: 62mA


If I read this right, just turning off Blinkup saves 16mA? That seems huge, surely that is not just for the phototransistor?

The figure includes an averaged LED current for showing BlinkUp codes.

It will also include the LEDs, and the additional CPU power taken up reading the phototransistor samples and hunting for blink-up activity among them.


(plus, it locks some of the internal SoC buses at higher speeds, which accounts for some of the power use)

Just to clarify; “blinkup on” power consumption is by default only applicable during the first 60 seconds after cold power-up while the LED is flashing.

…you can also turn it off (or, force it on) with imp.enableblinkup().