What Electric Imp shields/breakout/reference designs would you like to see for sale?

I’d like to know what the Imp community would like to see for sale as far as custom shields, imp breakouts and any of the existing reference designs.

if I get my project to work, I’m sure that I still want a couple Sana boards, but I think, I should try it on a breadboard first.

Are you in for enclosures too?

Imp <–> RS485

Similar to Kaylee or different how?

Nora for battery powered sensors
A Jane like relay module for switching real world things like motors

Any update on your imp002 offering?

The Aria boards should ship from Seeed soon as well as some test boards for my design. I assume at least a week for shipping and then another week for the contract manufacturer to build, so hopefully Aria will be on sale in 2-3 weeks. Im eager to bring out a new design, but it has to be a good one. I’m working on a design at the moment that has a 3V0 regulator and the TI BQ25060 charging chip on board.

jwehr this is all sounding good any thoughts on how you might ship to Europe?

I’m working on a design at the moment that has a 3V0 regulator and the TI BQ25060 charging chip on board.
Would that support a solar source to charge battery?

USPS is the cheapest shipping option to Europe, but its still expensive. I’ll definitely be looking at ways to get inventory warehoused in Europe to get shipping prices down. It wouldn’t surprise me if demand in Europe was higher than in the US.

The BQ25060 probably won’t handle solar really well, unless you are providing a lot of power. TI does have a new energy harvesting chip that I am looking at which would work well.

I haven’t spent too long looking at the reference designs (apart from this afternoon), at:


but I did like the features of the Vanessa board. I’ve been experimenting with thermostats (I need 18!) so something with a display would be beneficial.

Vanessa is definitely going on the list. I think the ePaper-Imp combo is perfect. The biggest hurdle to using Vanessa is that there needs to be a system to convert text to an image for the displays.

Of course, please do.

@jwehr Have prepared fairly detailed requirement matrix/list in XLS, can I PM you?

I think that Quinn is a great board too .

Its simple, but that is a lot of applications for it.

Home automation is on focus of many tech discussions, at least here in Brazil !

Thats great, because I have a Quinn type shield that will plug into my module breakouts nearly ready to go! I’m trying to decide on what connector to install… screw? spring? standard .1" header?

Here is a sneak peak at one of my upcoming Electric Imp module breakouts, this is the 3.3V version. I’m testing it with some LED strip lights. The first prototype works fine, but needs a few tweaks on silkscreen and pin layout. Should be available in 3-4 weeks.