What about dev kits for Europeans?

I’ve been watching this space very closely and somehow the European got left out, besides some …
Any news when we will get access to the dev kits?
I’m so eager to try them.

Hi mezelve - We’re currently only shipping to folks in the US and Canada.  We are working very hard to expand sales but it will take some time to work through the logistics (e.g. distribution, certification, meeting safety regulations, localization, RF compatibility, etc).  At this point, I really can’t give you any specific time frame for Europe except sometime in 2013.  I’m sorry we can’t do more at this point.

Noooooooo … that the wrong answer.
But you’ve shipped to Europe before …

OK. Can any US or Canadian dev hook me up?

Yes, we’ve shipped “free” development kits to a few folks in Europe as part of our beta program but now that we are officially “selling” them, things are a bit more complicated…

ok. I guess I’ve expressed my interest.
I’ll keep lurking around till 2013 then.

Maybe you will try to use a service like MyUS.com, they will provide as service where you will get an address in USA and they will forword the

mezelve: Sparkfun have imps now and breakout boards early Oct. I’ve checked and they will are shipping to Europe. https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11395

Sparkfun ships to europe but the shipping costs are hight. From Spartkfun you can find list of local dealers. I got my imp from http://store.mansteri.com/

Coolcomponents has them :

And I paid 7 euro for shipping from Sparkfun. Ordered them on the 16th sept, shipped on the 19th by usps, arrived about a week later. Shipping is not really expensive.

I’ve just been hit with “customs fee” 30 GBP from my Sparkfun order so anyone buying UK use cool-components

i also was hit with a customs fee of 14 GBP from my sparkfun order

Hi folks - Try some of SparkFun’s resellers: http://www.sparkfun.com/distributors. Not all are selling imps & boards but some are.

RoboSavvy are distributing Electric Imp and the SparkFun breakout board in the UK, without any additional fees.




Ouch. Customs


Sparkfun will be offering free shipping on November 26.
Don’t lose this chance. I did :frowning:

I have bought some stuff online and used another co called parcelbound.com . I did some comparing and found Shipito was way cheaper and definately faster than Bongo. Not sure what Myus does…never heard! Best of luck!



we have one of our warehouses in Italy and we do regular shipments in Europe using DHL or TNT.

The imp001 is right now in stock in our European warehouse and the dev boards Hannah and Break&Shield should be in stock within the first days of next month.