Way to ease editing LARGE code and assist in modularising a bit

In the absence of a way to break code down into modules I have discovered a temporary fix that saves me a huge amount of time.

In principle I create a comment line that ends with “if{” to mark the start of a code segment and similarly I end the code segment with a line containing “//}”

The IDE interprets this whole “construct” including all the definitions variables function etc in between the comments as as section of conditional code that can be expanded or collapsed. Thsi way I can break up thousands of lines of code into 5, 6 or 7 logical sections and very quickly and easily collapse the segments, only leaving or opening the one I need to work on.

Makes navigating large code a lot quicker…


// *************** Comment explaining the function of the code segment below **************** if{ const blah blah function more_blah() { // code here } //}

works for me! really slick. thanks.

Thanks @ammaree, works for me too. I add a short description for the collapsed segment to save more vertical space. For example

//} Xively Class