Was there a recent update to the planner & imps?

Looking online now I see a link called ‘edit’ in the planner on my impees, also looks like the devices rebooted. If updates were pushed out any chance you could warn us in advance would love to know what new features we are getting to play with ?


There was a server update; in fact, there are often multiple server updates daily right now as this is a beta service. Imps will briefly disconnect (usually under a few seconds) and reconnect when this happens, but code continues to run.

No client firmware updates right now, though hopefully release-9 will be along shortly. We’ll let you know in the release notes section when that happens :slight_smile:

Thanks, I completely understand this is a beta service, based on your statement about the code continuing to run I guess what I saw in the logs in was that the server rebooted not the Impees although it wasn’t obvious to me.

Regarding server triggered reboots/firmware updates would it be possible to expose a handler for user code which is invoked prior to the rebooting to we can do things like save data to non volatile memory (SD Card/Web Host) or complete a physical action (like resetting a servo to a start position). I do see there is a method to identify when values are changed by the server but nothing right now to handle this scenario.

PS. I like updates, is there anywhere to see the change logs to identify what new functions we can play with.

Regarding the server update; when the server is rebooted, your code doesn’t reboot on the imp, the card OS just re-establishes the connection.

If you saw a reboot then that could be a wifi issue; we are working on making this more seamless so it also won’t be noticeable.

Server-side imps will be able to register shutdown handlers as they may be moved from server to server for load balancing or general migration. Something similar for hardware imps in the case of OS updates would be nice though…