Wake Up Pin

Heys Guys,

So I’m programming my IMP to wake up with a box is opened (it gets exposed to light). I am doing this using a voltage divider with a LDR and and 10k resistor. I have read up on the wake up pin. It states that the imp WILL NOT fall asleep if Pin 1 is high. I have implanted a server.log to read the values read from Pin 1 and it is 1 the entire time, yet the imp still shuts off. Has anyone done something similar?

Just so you know, you can use imp’s built-in LED detect light.

I know, but this does not help me with the wake up part, and i have tested the variable resistance with a multimeter to ensure that the values are changing

What does your code look like? Note that the wakeup is LEVEL sensitive, not edge, and hence the imp will not sleep if pin1 is high (it’ll reboot immediately)