Very basic development project/paid job

Hey hope this is in the right spot to post this

I need a very basic hardware development done using the Imp.

All it has to do is connect to the positive and negative cables that go to an electric motor and send a signal when they are powered. If the Hannah was available I could piece it together myself, but due to my ineptitude with electronics and lack of time would prefer to pay someone to do it.

I will need a complete unit with batteries, an imp and two cables to connect to said positive and negative.

I will also then need you to mail me the unit.

PM me if you’re interested.


Not volunteering, but can you give more detail on your motor, eg the voltage it runs at?

Does the imp share a ground with the motor?

Hi bill, I’m happy to help, as mentioned I need to know the power requirements of the motor, and whether or not the motor needs to run forward and reverse, or just one direction.