Variable Tick Tock

Has anyone used this node
I can´t get it to work

Seems to be working for me. What isn’t working about it for you?

the normal TICK TOCK gives every period a 0 or a 1 as output, but the VARIABLE TICK TOCK does nothing, whatever period I set.

ok, sorry, after a couple of times of trying it started sort of working.

but setting the period is very hard. it seems to have a mind of its own, it changes values randomly e.g. when I set it to a value of 1, it thinks 4 is a better value, or something else.

That’s… unusual. I tried it with values <1. Note that the planner won’t necessarily update often enough to show ticktock (if you hooked it to a showinput node) but the messages are flowing to attached imps. How were you determining the rate it was working at?

thanks for the reply.
Now I presume I have to use values < 1. But then, where are those values for the period stand for?
And DO I have to use values < 1 for a reliable pulse-rate?
I was hoping to create a pulse-rate of 20 seconds or more.
For now, I use imp.wakeup(), but I should like having a pulse-stream without using Imp CPU-cycles.
(I noticed the deviation of the pulse-rate while publishing data to COSM)

imp.wakeup() is much more efficient than sending stuff from the server!