Using Wink App on a Developer Edition Imp

I tried using Wink on a Developer Version Imp device. It connected. The good news.

I can now not get the device to connect to my network using Blink Up, nor my code. The bad news.

Is this reversible. Any suggestions. I can’t develop now.

Thank you.

p.s. I know. What was I thinking… It would have been interesting if it worked.

Interesting, it shouldn’t be an issue to blinkup again with the imp app and get it back.

What happens when you try to blink it up? Do you have the mac address of the card?

sort of related - I had a Wink Spotter and to put it mildly let’s say I did not prefer their software. I tried to blink-up to my account and could not get it to go. I opted to buy my own imp module and physically replace it; that worked just fine.

It made sense to me that the manufacturer would lock it in for their own purposes if they were able so I didn’t really question it.