Using Imps without internet connectivity

Hello, I am brand new to Electric Imps. I am very impressed. I was able to get up and running and implement some rudimentary code to access my GPS receiver in just a couple of hours. The problem is (and I think I already know my answer) that I need to be able to run without access to the internet. Basically, I want to use the imp as point to point communications between it and a computer. The computer would be configured to start a “Hosted Network” , with the computer at a predetermined address. I was hoping that I could write a bit of code that would use imp.setwificonfiguration to connect to my HostedNetwork and then be able to connect to a server application running on computer on the Hosted Network. No agent code would be necessary/desired. It’s for a portable system taken to remote locations, so I can’t rely on internet connectivity. Am I hosed? or is there some way to trick the imp into doing this - I would really like to take advantage of the versatility and power of the imp.

All communication to and from the Imp can only be done through the agent.

It can run the code uploaded to it, without being connected, but you won’t be able to communicate with it.

I’m afraid you’re hosed. The imp is designed to communicate via the internet (and agents), not directly. There are lots of wifi modules that will do what you want, though, just they generally aren’t as easy to program and debug.

You can run without internet connectivity (data log to local storage, for example) and then upload data when connected to the internet… but that doesn’t appear to be what you’re looking for.

Thanks Hugo. That’s what I thought. Too bad, I was really looking forward to playing with them. I’ll have to dream up something for the couple that I have already bought.