Using Exosite with the Electric Imp

I work for a company called Exosite, we provide a cloud data monitoring and reporting platform call the One Platform.

I’ve been playing around a bit with the Imp and I wrote up a little demo application for the Imp using the One Platform. It’s really simple right now all it does is send up the temperature and reads a color value for the LED using our simple HTTP API. You can see the dashboard for the device I have running here:

Here’s all the code (Note: Requires the agents beta.): The device code is mostly just the LED and the Temp Sensor Examples for the Hannah board. The interesting stuff is around line 120 and line 332.

Feel free to play around with your own devices, you can setup a free account at and see the API docs at

If theres any interest I can writeup a little mini tutorial for how to setup everything.


Looks promising, but I think your code is for the old Hannah, which has another tempsensor (TMP112).

Patrick, looks interesting as platform has a lot of what I’m looking for a few questions.

  1. Doesn’t seem to be a DB query mechanism
  2. Any plans for iOS & Android client libraries
  3. Any plans to support push notifications

We’re current architecting a solution that uses: e.imp,TempoDB, Node & Kinvey as none of the IoT platforms provide enough of a feature stack. We’ed love to find one this might give you a sense of what were looking for


Dolf, didn’t even realize there was a new Hannah. We picked up what we have when they first came out, but couldn’t really do that much with them until I found out about the agents beta.

CC, You’ve got a PM.


Has your project with the electric imp and Exosite developed in any way since last year?

I have been using imps with Xively and, however i did also recently try an Arduino with Exosite. I really like Exosite, but want to stick with imps vs. Arduino…imps are so much better.