Use ENC28J60 to send a HTTP request to the Imp Agent

I’m looking for example Arduino Code for using the ENC28J60 serial to Ethernet Module to communicate with the Imp Agent.
I have the Imp running and monitoring temperatures. I want another ETHERNET device plugged in somewhere in the world and I want to send HTTP requests to the Agent for status update information. The Agent is programmed to look for HTTP requests and respond with HTML.

Haven’t used it myself, but you could try this:

EtherCard examples all work great! Just none of them target the Imp Agent… :frowning: I think an IP address is required for any PUT or GET request example and that is where I am stuck…

Agents don’t have fixed IP addresses, so that won’t help you, I’m afraid. The only way to communicate with an agent is via its URL as displayed in the IDE. Ethercard has a DNS module, so it ought to be able to resolve the agent URL.

You pointed me in the right direction. Thanks! I got it working. The example only needed “” in the DNS search and I was putting the entire URL in there.
I just got it to find my page.

Your page is at

You can find (and the whole agent URL) in the IDE at the top of your agent code pane.