URL strangeness

I’ve got a couple of Imps and there’s an inconsistency between the number of slashes after the standard part of the URL:

Imp 1: Agent tells us the URL is http://agent.electricimp.com/mb0M77qDvbJ5
Imp 2: Agent tells us the URL is http://agent.electricimp.com//vurFyLjAAiU

Whilst this might seem like a minor point, if you’ve an html form that adds just the last bit of the URL for you based on which Imp is selected from the drop down menu, then it’s a nuisance.

Also, it seems like it’s unintentional so thought I should report.


Toby I think its to do with the Hash they use for the External key. I have one ending in xxx/aTP

@controlCloud is spot on… looks like you had an unfortunately named agent id that happens to have a forward slash as the first character.

We’ve seen this a couple times before; it is a known issue, and it’s on our roadmap.

OK cool, thanks for the responses.
Actually just a simple change to the html form now makes it less of a nuisance.