Unwind exception from within Squirrel

Is there a defined way to unwind or otherwise access the stack trace of an exception from within Squirrel? The stack trace obviously exists; if you let an exception bubble out of the Squirrel environment, it’s logged in full to the console. However, I cannot find a way to access it from within Squirrel which would be useful for passing it off to external logging mechanisms.

have you looked at the try/catch documentation?

electric imp error handling

beyond that your question is above my knowledge level. I do think there is a feature coming that will allow saving the information from the log pane.

There’s no such mechanism: by the time a Squirrel exception handler runs, the stack has already been unwound and the information is lost.


By “exception handler” do you mean the catch block, or the environment embedding Squirrel (Imp OS in this case)?