Unable to configure my IMP with HTC Desire X

Hi,I have got 2 imp and imp breakout board from sparkfun.As suggested i followed the steps, and then try to configure as per this link , but after configuring, imp blink red for 4-5 times and then again orange and then stop blinking.Even i removed any special characters from the password of wifi, it didn’t work.I dont know what to do next.Please help me out.

Did you try the legacy mode option?

yes i did try the legacy code.Well HTC desire X isn’t included in the list of phones tested with the Elec Imp android app, so there may be a probability that this phone doesn’t support the app.

might also check your screen brightness setting. i have a galaxy s3 but the blinkup is more successful at the highest brightness.

I checked with increasing the brightness of the HTC desire X to maximum, but it didn’t make any effect.

Not that it helps in the short term, but we’re getting one of these to test with. Our in house test fleet is mostly samsung/lg/motorola (apart from the Nexus One which is obviously HTC).

I will wait for the test result.

If you know anyone with an iOS device, that’s the most bulletproof configuration method…

Hi. I’m new here. Just got the imp short time ago, and i can’t make it work. It just keeps blinking red after “blink-up”. The imp is version 001. Break-out board is from sparkfun. I have tried with iPad and with Samsung notepad 3.Android version 4.0.4. The imp is not found in the router (D-Link).

So bulletproof !??


This helps, if your imp card is not in any kind of enclosure except the SD socket. Hold it just like I am.

Follow jwehr’s advice and turn off powersave mode on the note 3 (swipe down from the top, find the powersave icon, ensure it’s off).