UK e.imp meetup - London

Any Brit or EU impers want to meet up early in new year?

#iotlondon is always oversubscribed but would be a good event to coalesce around. So it’s the pub or does anyone know of any venues around silicon round we could use?


I’d be up for it.

I’d go.

still to far to swim from the netherlands…

Dolf was wondering if could make something more tangible like meeting @ e.imp office at Cambridge so a cheap flight to Standstead for other Euro & other Brits. Invite smartmaker as they are in Italy?

Will chat to Matt the community manager & see what cooks.
Season greetings all Euro impers.


I’m sure we could organise something in Cambridge, either here at the office or nearby. There are some direct flights now too:

Thanks, but flying is not an option I’m afraid.

I’m up for any London based meets.

Yes, it will be interesting. I will attend such event.