Two imps crashing where other imps work

I’m not sure what my issue is but I have two imps (MAC Addresses 0c2a690004b8 and 0c2a69000462) that have stopped working correctly. I moved these imps from one WiFi network to another and they both successfully received their blinkup, connected, and then started crashing. I get an orange blink on boot and then a repeating cycle of three green blinks followed by 12 red like I have a fatal bug in my code somewhere. I tried changing code, deleting the impees from the planner, redoing blinkup,etc. but nothing worked. I thought it was possible that they didn’t like the WiFi network for some reason (although they’ve been connected to it before and not had issues) so I moved them back to the original network and had the same issue.

Here’s where I’m stumped: I have two other imps that were left alone and are still functioning fine on the original network. With all four imps on the original network things don’t work as I expect. If I put one of the “bad” imps in a known working “good” impee, the bad imp continues its crash cycle. If I put a “good” imp into what I originally thought was a “bad” impee it works fine in there as well. The issue seems to be with these two imps and not the impees or any code I have running on them. I can’t get any log messages to show up from the bad imps and have even tried deleting an impee from the planner to flush any bad software out (which neither of them should have, as I said they were working fine on the original WiFi network) but it doesn’t reappear in the planner until I insert a “good” imp.

Any ideas on what I can do to get these imps working again?

I see that both “bad” imps last connected on Mon Nov 26 2012 14:33:32 GMT+0000 (UTC) (0c2a69000462) and Mon Nov 26 2012 14:31:31 GMT+0000 (UTC) (0c2a690004b8). Considering that they were once good imps until the network switch indicates this may not be a permanent situation. We’re looking into it.

Ok, these two are a little upset with their enrollment status.

This can happen if you changed your password on the web interface but were still logged in on the blinkup app. Blinkup will give a now out of date token to the imp and hence it can’t join your plan correctly.

Could you try logging out of the blinkup app, logging in again, and re-blinking-up? Did you change the password recently?

I’m sure that’s the issue, I changed passwords recently on the website but haven’t on the app. Thank you.

EDIT: That fixed it.