Trying to use a proxy server with Electric Imp blink up app

HI All, I am trying to connect the imp003 to the entreprise Internet through a proxy server. I have the following details:

  1. Network name = SSID : *******

  2. Proxy Server Type: HTTP

  3. Proxy Server Address: ..**

  4. Port: **

  5. wep key: ******************

I am having following issues:

  1. My sensor is able to connect but showing green red green signal. Which means that is it able to connect but WPS button needs to be pushed. Is there a better way to complete proxy server setup instead of pusing a WPS button?
    2.That brings it to second question, has anybody been able to use the proxy server setup features in the electric imp mobile app to blink up and connect the imps to the enterprise wireless network? If yes then what all would be required? Please be detailed assuming that I would not know anything about networks.
  2. Has anybody been able to connect the imps to enterprise WiFi using “hidden” ssid and a WEP or WPA encryption key or passphrase?

WPS doesn’t do proxy servers; seems like you have the wifi credentials (here nr 1 and 5). WIth those the imp can associate to the wifi, in order to talk to the proxy.

The proxy needs to support HTTP CONNECT - does it?

Thanks Hugo, yep it is HTTP CONNECT. The exact issue right now is that it is able to blink up through the app but it gives GREEN RED GREEN RED GREEN signal…which according to your website mean that WPS button needs to be pushed. The CISCO 1130AG Aironet router that I am trying to connect has a “mode button”. If I press that button do you the think the issue will be resolved? I need to be sure, because this is with an enterprise and they are little wary about pressing the WPS button on their router as that will cause their router to get back to factory defaults…

The WPS code is not likely to be being shown; WPS is off, then green/red/green, then repeat.

What may be happening if the device is connecting (green) then being thrown off (red) and reconnecting. Can you give me a mac address? I can look in the logs and see if I can see it.

I dont remember the exact MAC address of the device, however it should be one of these:

0c2a690cc66c - not seen since 7/19, wasn’t connected via a proxy.
0c2a690cc794 - not seen since 7/10
0c2a690cc643 - connecting, doing something, and sleeping. This is not connected via a proxy

Think this is the one: 0c2a690cc6c0

I can see that at 2017/07/20 09:22Z it connected directly, but previously it had been attempting to connect via a proxy (104.x.x.x). Looks like the proxy was not responding to auth - we sent login details but never got a response, so never managed to connect through to the servers.