Trying to inherit from a function

Have not run the Agent code for a while and when I connected the impee new software was downloaded and now I get and error “trying to inherit from a function” which is the following code “class superblob extends blob {” Is there a reason why this now fails?

The same code exsists in the device, and I do not see an error in the system log, I think the agent code is not running at all as when I use to send a POST to the agent URI I get nothing back at all!

Hmm, this is likely due to blobs being natively implemented now. Is there any reason you can’t just wrap a blob in a class and pass through the new functions?

Hugo, thanks for that, worked around the problem now. I guess inconsistency is the real issue here as class inheritance of a blob works on the device but not in the agent!

I am also receiving two server.log messages every time I output a single message to the log, since the software update?

Oh heavens, I didn’t realise you could do that! Sorry, yes, recent changes to the “blob” implementation have ruined any chance of directly inheriting from it. As Hugo says, the workaround is to use aggregation instead of inheritance.

In the forthcoming next release of the device firmware, you’ll find that it won’t work on the device either. Again, sorry about that. We usually try not to make updates that change the meaning of existing programs; in this case (a) we didn’t realise, and (b) the memory savings from blob not being a genuine class, might anyway have been too delicious to ignore.


The two log messages go away if you refresh; this is a known issue that should be fixed in the next server update.