Trouble comissioning on Galaxy Nexus

Hi guys,

I’m having trouble commissioning my imp with my Galaxy Nexus. I’m using an imp shield from Sparkfun. It blinks orange, and when I blink up, blinks red too fast. Looking at LED color code I understand that it is not commissioned. I have no problem when using an iPhone, although it is not mine and sometimes I do not have it right away.

Any thoughts?


I use a Galaxy Nexus and it works properly.

The first time I’ve tried to do the commissioning I’ve had a similar problem but I was thinking that the source of troubles could be the ambient light and not the device itself.

Since then I always cover the card with the hand, to make the environment around dark, and can flash without any problem. I haven’t tried with iPhone actually but it can be possible that the different intensity of the display’s light can be more affected by the ambient.

Have you tried in the dark?


I tried in the dark, but still no success. Now, when I plug my imp in the socket, the LED does not flash at all. Is it damaged??

I think is not easy to break it, unless you apply a 5V as VDD. Especially if you never been able to complete the comissioning.

The imp requires a good source of power, with constant capability of current not lower than 400mA. There is a suggested voltage regulator used on the official boards from Electric Imp but the shield from Sparkfun uses a different kind of regulator. It should work without problem but much depends on the real current that it can drain from the source you provide.

If you chosen to use the shield, I assume you are using it plugged over an Arduino compatible board. You should make sure that this can be capable to provide at least 500mA for the imp only.

If for example you use the USB as power source for the Arduino board, that drive the shield, it can be possible that the current you are able to provide to the imp is not sufficient.

I would suggest to use an external power supply with at least 1A of real current available, first of all. Also check the quality of your power regulator.

Maybe you can give some more detail about your setup.


I can confirm that you need to use an external power source and NOT the USB cable power on an Arduino-Sparkfun shield to commission the imp. I was having all sorts of issues using a Galaxy S2 Smartphone to commission teh imp until I connected a 5VDC power supply to the Arduino instead of using the USB cable power. Commissioning is definitely power sensitive.