Triggered firmware upgrade

Hello, my imp stopped working today (2014-08-28) because it was triggered a firmware upgrade.

In my company it does not upgrade. I have to take it home and let it upgrade.
Please advice on network troubleshooting to allow it to upgrade.
Also please confirm that the firmware upgrade is triggered only if i power down and up my imp.

It was working properly during the last month but i had to power it off for a few minutes.


Also, is there any way we can tell when an imp upgraded its firmware?

Yesterday, I had an imp001 that required a Blink-up in order to reconnect to the WiFi router (after a power cycle). It had been connected via this router for months. This was odd and I believe it’s related to the firmware upgrade. I had an imp002 today that required a power cycle just to come back online. This, too, is something I’ve not seen in the past.

As a point of clarification on @ramstein74’s inquiry about requiring a power down-up, will an imp attempt a firmware upgrade if it reboots due to a loss of WiFi?

In my apartment the uprade was successful but i got this log

2014-08-28 19:44:08 UTC+1 [Device] ERROR: the index ‘crash_to_force_reboot’ does not exist
2014-08-28 19:44:08 UTC+1 [Device] ERROR: at unknown:5
2014-08-28 19:44:14 UTC+1 [Status] firmware update triggered
2014-08-28 19:45:55 UTC+1 [Exit Code] imp OS upgraded
2014-08-28 19:45:55 UTC+1 [Status] Downloading new code; 10.66% program storage used

Still waiting for comments for my initial post


I dont remember who gave me this code, so credits where its due. (thk it was Hugo tgh)

in device then check the serverlog, u will see the running version.

function startup() { server.log("device started") if ("getsoftwareversion" in imp) { server.log("device firmware version: " + imp.getsoftwareversion()); } else { server.log("Sorry - my firmware doesn't include imp.getsoftwareversion() yet."); } } startup();

@patcher, I had already implemented the suggested code (but I do appreciate your input!). I do like this capability. However, since Monday, I’ve had more problems with imps disconnecting than prior. I simply curious as to when the firmware actually updated. My impression is that there are multiple events that could cause an imp to upgrade its firmware–not just a power cycle.

Firmware update commands are sent at the start of connections. This is either when an imp connects or when it reconnects (due to the connection becoming stale, or due to loss of wifi).

We have “polite” upgrades coming, where you can install a handler that will get run when the servers want you to update. You can then delay the upgrade for a while until you are in a safe state, then accept. The same will be possible for squirrel code updates.

@ramstein74 sorry have not been on the forums for a couple of days. Your device was getting about 50% through the firmware update then aborting. Does your office limit the size of an HTTP fetch? (it’d get about 250kB then abort). The upgrade message “crash to force reboot” is normal, this is due to a workaround for reliable upgrades on very old OS versions.

I found the problem for not updating inside my company network.

My proxy was blocking non authorized clients to download files.


Thank you